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Verizon indicated that my phone service will go away around 3AM tomorrowmorning, and I imagine my DSL will go with it. I guess that means thatI'll be shutting down everyone tonight, and moving my computer stuff,or as much as I have energy for, anyhow. No entries for awhile.I'm probably going to get my futon cover dry-cleaned -- I use sheets now,thanks to my mom, but it still has a lot of cat fur on it from when I didn't,and I'd have more peace of mind with it being clean under the sheets.

It's going to be very *interesting* seeing if I can fit the futon matressinto my car. I might need to rent a U-haul, or ask around CMU for someonewith a big vehicle. However, that's the only thing I can't move myself --I've already moved all the other big furniture.

There's a 'war meeting' I instigated of local atheists/agnostics meetingvery soon, so I need to get going. I leave you, my kind reader, with athought. Do the current styles of music depend on modern technology andinstruments, or were they, ignoring cultural factors, possible in, say,the 16th century? Are there any bands out there that use nonmoderninstruments while still being clearly in one of the modern styles?

A side 'big' question: Do most modern styles have characteristics that aredescended from those developed in Jazz?

Mmm... sometimes it's nice to just sit back to inspiring music, close youreyes, and let the music tug your emotions wherever it wants, withoutdistractions. Some people don't get any of this emotional stuff from musicthough .. that would make life a good deal less worth living for me.

Zoom time! (kudos to you if you can place that reference without asearch engine)

Tags: music

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