Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Emptying the self

Yesterday, as I was taking a load from my old place to the new, Iwas thinking about what a person could tell about me by looking atwhat I had in the apartment at that time. Every load I took away,the distinctness that is me fades. I then thought about ideas ofreincarnation, and how it might feel a bit like that to transitionbetween lives. Fantasy, true, but imagination is important, even ifit's not always fruitful.

Today I moved the last of the stuff out of the apartment proper, atleast of the stuff I'm taking. Torgo and kryten will be sharing amonitor from now on, and probably a keyboardtoo -- I ordered a KVM off of EBay a few days ago to make that easier.Kryten's old monitor is, thus, staying behind. It works out for thebest this way -- the monitor I left is larger, has poorer resolution(torgo's monitor is a very neat 12" (or is it 10"?) server monitorthat can do 1024x768).

I've abandoned Starbucks, in favour of a place called Coffee Tree.It's not far from Starbucks, has better tea, and has tables right outfront, so people can sit outside. Sometimes I see other people fromZets there, or walking by, which is nice. The prices are a lot bettertoo, actually. I guess I've come to the conclusion that big chainstend to be a negative force. The stores don't always suck -- as a matterof fact, offhand I think about half of them are decent, but they reducediversity, so when a bad chain comes along, it strangles a local market.That's dangerous -- if there were six coffeeshops around, I'd just avoidthe ones I dislike. However, when there are 4 starbucks and Coffee Tree,it really makes me worry. What if Coffee Tree wern't here? What if I likeda different blend than either offered? I guess I need to revise my previousthoughts on stores I like -- I used to suggest that Meijer take over everywhere,because I really like that store, that it has a lot of stuff I'd otherwiseneed to make trips to seperate stores to get. However, there really aredifferent preferences, different markets, and all that, and Meijer isn't foreveryone.

I'm angry that DSL still isn't up for me. How long do I need to wait?I'm calling Verizon on monday to complain, unless it's up by then.Maybe I'm just ignorant of how it's set up, but I don't see any reasonthey couldn't've turned on my DSL on Hobart at the same time they turnedon phone service here.

Again, I find that I've jotted down a lot of my interesting thoughts onpaper, and I don't really want to bother transcribing them right now.

  • shrug*
Today, while unpacking some more stuff, I came across some old photos ofMartha and I on a New York trip we took with Dave and Aug. It broughtback memories that I had buried for awhile. I also came across some photosof Debb and I, and got kinda sad and mad at the same time. I wonder whyit's different.

I did find out something neat today -- I was using my DVD player toidentify CDs I had burned, and was surprised to find that it can playMP3 CDs. The directory browser's a bit awkward on it, but it's a veryneat discovery. I then found out that it can display images on CDs too.If only my CD player were the one I intended, I'd burn a lot moreCDs full of MP3s. Still, it's a welcome surprise.

I find myself missing Charles, and also a couple of artists who I probablyshouldn't name, who are friends of his. I still don't think that what hedid was a good thing, but I think it's time I forgive him. I'm not surewhat we really could have now, as a lot of the manifestation of ourfriendship is impossible now, given that I'm about 200 miles away fromcowtown, but the time has certainly come for me to at least lift thebar on my part.

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