Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Am I happy?

I find myself wondering that. Have I had a good life? I guess I'mreminded of a kind of horrific thing that happened in WW2 -- theNazis made people choose between people they knew who would live andwho would die. Such a cruel choice -- I don't have any idea how Icould choose between my 'animal kids', Beefalo and Wally, who would die,much less actual humans. And yet, if the alternative would be to haveeveryone die, a choice needs to be made. So, if I were grouped with abunch of people, would I sacrifice myself so that noone else would needto make that choice? Have I lived a good life? Will I likely havefulfillment in the future? What do I have that I consider important?

  • I have a good job, doing things that are important and interesting
  • I'm on track to improve myself with education and hopefully eventually a PhD, which should lead to a career's worth of academic research in a field I love
  • I presently have no SO, and am only starting to make friends, both at least partially because I'm shy. This is hard for me to deal with.
  • I'm living in a really nice city. Pittsburgh is very pretty, and, unlike Columbus, seems to have a lot more variety in who's around. I love that there are people from all over Europe that drift through here

That really didn't help, and there are lots of other little things.Oh well. Jury's hung :)

My feet have been hurting recently because of all they've been putthrough. It's just general soreness though, no particular areas. Still,it's a lot of fun to walk around squirrel hill, or to work. Hey! What'sthat smell ... I'm smelling some good cooking. Hmm.. Must be theneighbors. It's awoken my stomach, so I guess I'd better go make myselfsomething too :) Maybe I'll try the Palek Paneer in a box that I gota few days ago.



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