Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Spike rain

The weather's been fairly wet for about the last month. If I didn'tknow better, I'd think that Gaia is crying for me. Come on, there's noneed. Anyhow, as I mentioned in my last entry (currently not availableto you because it's, for now, written in a pad of paper), Holly isdead again. This is not at all fun -- moneywise I'm encounteringdisaster after disaster. I guess I need to replace holly's CPU andmotherboard, and be more careful about heat next time.

The local group I'm working on regenerating has a name now,PUSH, for Pittsburgh University Skeptics and Humanists. I, but it's not live yet (DNS takes awhile to float around).I temporarily have the content up here, although that's going toget hosted someplace where a redirect isn't needed as soon as I can manage it.

My new place is now beginning to approach some level of cleanness, as thebig piles of things get sorted and put where they belong. I'm enjoying mynew, mostly carless, life. It's not worth driving when parking is so hardwith my big Taurus :) It's also probably healthier for me to hoof it mostof the time. I was going to comment about how Pittsburgh is so much nicerfor walking, but then I realize that Columbus really was too. I think it'sall psychological -- it's always been possible to walk to many of the placesI'd like to go in Columbus, but Columbus is ugly. Squirrel Hill isn't. It's funny how much of a difference that makes. I wonder if there's any kindof self-perpetuating effect there -- does having a lot of walkers help keepa neighborhood attractive and friendly to such things?

Verizon. Decent service, horrible bureaucracy. I called today to complainabout no DSL yet. Their DSL people said I didn't even have my phone number yet.I called the local service number, and they know I have it. Apparently it takesa week for their databases to sync with the DSL people. This wednesday is thenext sync. Then the DSL people can start testing the line, and then start to set it up. Wonderful. I was seriously thinking about trying to bribethe DSL people to turn it on today. Why does this take so long? Argh!

I'm probably going to go eat dinner at Srees today, for the first time.Afterwards, I'll probably settle, as usual, at Coffee Tree. Life is good.Lonely, but good.


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