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I had a strange dream last night. I was in France, and needed aplace to stay, but for some reason, hotels were out of the question.So, I was wondering around looking for a place to crash. I somehow wanderedinto a place that looked like the library from my High School, and therewas a wild party being thrown in there. I asked the greeting people if theyknew of a place, and said I was wealthy but clueless. They didn't, so Iwondered back onto the streets. They were narrow and busy, and it wasgetting dark out. -discontinuity- I was at a place that I identified aswork, although it wasn't, from my hazy dream memory, a place that I actuallyhave worked at before. There was someone who looked a lot like McLeod there,and I think some CMU people too. I asked the person if he was McLeod, mentioningthat he looked like someone from my first job. -discontinuity-

I wonder if there are parts between that I don't remember, or if that's allthere was. Maybe, given the way the brain works, there isn't a sensibleanswer to that.

My muscles and back are kind of sore. I wish I could have one of mymassages, or better yet, one of my back walkings. Alas, I have but onebody, and I view massages as not being something one does with a stranger.

The domain is up. Woot. I might've found someone willing to sell me thecomponents I need to rebuild holly -- it's a good price and holly willactually be faster than before. Woot.

Oh, I recieved the most bizarre spam recently. It has smatterings ofgerman in it, criticizes the Iraq invasion, but does appear to be fromsome odd flavour of Christian perspective.. Here's a snippet:We have the end of the World Signs from God. The Messiah comes.We have the end of the World and already 3th World war. TheMankind faces the Doom and as well the biggest ever experiencedHolocaust. Each second Humanbeing ends up in the Pond of Fire. Ifthe Messiah is not coming now (Jesus Christ, Son of God, King ofthe Jews), God will come as Devil-and Germany brought the entireMankind into Hell. Owing to the Brandenburger Nazigate in Berlinevery Human will be punished as hard as Adolf Hitler. That meansHell forever:Final Solution (Endloesung)Everyone who doesn't call Mankindinto Paradise has got at least the same much Guilt and Dirt atputting like Adolf Hitler an will be punished just as hard. TheUSA was sworn in to the Bible and is liable with the FinalSolution (Endloesung) Death on the Cross forever-The one who supports Wholesolemurderers and Traitors- like especially the USA and otherCountries did towards Germany-will be executed as Wholesalemurderers and Traitors and sent to the Pond of Fire. LaughingThird Persons are even hardest punished by God.Since the USA bombed the Cradle ofMankind (The Gulf-War USA and Irak),is the entire Mankindcondemned to Hell.When God`s Children are getting bombed,pays theMankind with the Eternal Penalty. That includes also the USA. TheIraq is the Cradle of Mankind, Tigris Euphrat theBeginning of the Bible. Adam and Eve.

It goes on for several more pages. It has the distinction of being theonly piece of spam that I've saved because it's so weird.

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