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I give you your wig. It was never really mine, I was just wearing itawhile. Things artistically belong to those who can use them best.(This is not a philosophical statement, BTW -- postnote)Perhaps the same is true of lives. Nothing hurts so much of love,even when it works. There are few things in life tlike recognizing anoble feature in someone that nontheless forces you to part ways. Youcan visit, but cannot stay. So it is with lives -- they grow togetherand are chopped by circumstances. A fulfilled chosenhood holds back timefor longer, but not forever. Sometimes we grab the flailing strands and weavethem anew, sometimes we cannot or will not. Impermanence is live.

Sometimes the words are mixed to express the thought, sometimes the words andthoughts are born to express it. Who creates the rules, and who followsthem? Both are there to communicate. I think art is often more like the secondthan most other media. It is this power and imbalance that makes it such apower in society, almost an object of worship to some.

I have been enjoying the Philosophy and PUSH groups a lot. Yesterday was thebiggest philosophy group I've been to -- about 15 people. There were slightproblems with conversation flow, but it was decently lively, and afterwardssome of us went and spoke again with a bunch of Xians, as usual. One of themappeared to never have had much of a conversation w/ an atheist before, soit led to good conversation. Also, yesterday I moved to my own auto insurance.Push has been going decently well, although I need to put more time into it.

Holly's next body arrived at work today. Maybe tonight it will get its soultransplant, although I definitely must work on better airflow for the HD.Wally has been extra snuggly for the last few days. I think he really likesit here. I sometimes wonder if he remembers his mother, his half-brother A, orhis half-sister B. I've been decorating my place with photos, some ofscenery, and some from a trip in H.S. my APBio2 class took to a place calledStone Lab in Lake Erie.

I wish I could find my TV and DVD remotes. OWARI


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