Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Looms and Ill Will

Tortfeasor discovered a new, pleasant(!) way to wake me up this morning. Some time back I thought it would be cute to put a small bell I found sometime back onto a random hook on the wall.I then forgot about it. Tortfeasor can apparently reach it when standing on my desk -- he kept ringing it until I woke up. After I made sure to give him plenty of positive reinforcement, I went back to sleep, so he ran back over and did it again. After petting him a bit more, he gave me a cat backrub. Cats are immensely frustrating at times, but there are times that they're completely wonderful.


Livejournal is selling out. Sometime back, they promised the community in their social contract that they would never do advertising on LJ, and recently they announced that they would be doing "sponsored content" - providing some communities and users to friend that include some advertising while syncing with external news sources. Mention of no advertising in their social contract conveniently is gone now. This may be due to the purchase of the company running LJ by another company called Six Apart (that wrote Movable Type). This kind of radical change in behaviour often happens with takeovers, and various communities should be wary of such things and do their best to demand their data be easily mobile to other sites. LJ, because of its rich programming interfaces, is not terribly difficult to migrate from (or to!). It would be nice if they got the comment-syncing parts of their API out of "unimplemented" status.

I am now moderately stressed over some things going on on Wikipedia. In the last few days I've summarised a month's worth of the foundation mailing list, written a first draft of an essay proposing a major effort that will likely make a lot of people upset, and discussed matters of great import to the project and the community with a few people high up in the administration. Things are nowhere as smooth as they might seem from an outsider - I believe the project to be at risk of some pretty nasty problems, most unrelated to each other with various effects if they're not fixed. With some of them I may be able to help out a bit, with others I simply have to stand back and watch and hope they're handled competently and completely. Sigh.

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