Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

First Lap

Holly has survived the daytime here, and it's disk is, after at least 12hours of running, not too hot to keep my hand on. Looks like the biggercase and stringfan paid off. Yeah!

At work ... I seem to be having problems programming recently. My creativeside is there, but the other side that actualizes the code seems to beAWOL. It's frustrating. I'm programming at about a quarter of the speedI should be. Maybe it's my internet withdrawl at home.

I stopped by the bike shop today, making a big detour from work, and gotmy fixed bike. They certainly fixed the foo out of it -- the chaindoesn't skip at all now, and the brakes .. well, I had been so used toloose breaks that don't work well that it was a shock going back tofully functional ones. I almost would like to take them back to be looseneda bit.

Oops, I forgot to finish this, went off and did my normal evening, andjust now noticed it when settling back in for the evening. Nothingnew to say though..


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