Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


From: "Stomach" <sysnotice@stomach.body.pat>To: "Behavior Center" <behavior@hlvl.cog.pat>Subject: Food

We've warned you before about being careful with snacks and whatyou eat, and you've ignored us. Especially with the system not havinggotten enough sleep last night (thanks to your late night tinkeringwith computers), we've been having problems regulating sugar levels.We almost needed to take the system down to nap just now because youwere doing boring work, in the dark, in the computer lab. Unless youactually look forward to the idea of having the system shut down ina nonsecure location, please be more careful to watch what you eat a bitmore, use better lighting and other stimulation to help keep thesystem more active when in naturally tiring locations, and for goodnesssakes DON'T STARVE US OF SLEEP! 4 Hours is not enough, especially whenthe system is very used to 7 on weekdays.

Yours sincerely, Stomach and other members of the metabolism committee


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