Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Am I the only Pat?

For the last few weeks, I've been hearing from my online friends thatI've been on AIM at times I know I haven't, and I doubt I've leftmy AIM client on that often. Also, gaim logs all conversations, and Ihave no record of any messages from them that I didn't respond to.Further, on Perlmonks, I've been getting messages that look like they'retrying to continue conversations that I don't remember ever beingin (and I haven't been active on Perlmonks for the last few weeks).So, there are three possibilities:

  • Coincidence - I really have just left gaim running when I left, and for some odd reason it hasn't been logging properly, and the perlmonks snippets are parts of conversations that I've been in for awhile but forgot about
  • Intrusion - Either I've been hacked or one of the very few people who I've given my low-security password (I have several) to is abusing it, and logging in as me
  • Sanity - I have some kind of problem either with my memory or perhaps dissociative personality disorder or similar, and have been doing a lot of things that I don't remember, and am somehow getting on the internet while not at home and am running another IM client that does not log things

I'm leaning towards the second, maybe with tinges of the first. Time to changethe low-security password, I guess. It's probably been too long since it waschanged anyhow.

No DSL yet. Today I need to go to the old place, and wait for the time ina 4 HOUR TIMEFRAME when the carpet cleaners will show up. ARGH! I hate itwhen companies do that..

I might visit Brecksville this weekend, and spend some time with mygrandparents and immediate family. I don't know how long I'll stay --I do need some wind-down time, and never seem to really be able torelax when I'm there, but it'll be nice to see them all.

I found that Dell has some nice deals on their online store for USBkeychains. Woot.

I'm happy that it seems that many of my friends are tidying up looseends and unhappiness in their lives. Someone who I've been hoping wouldmeet someone wonderful seems to have, and another person who has a lotof similarities to me, including his name, seems to have possibly foundhis 'other half', and is off in a better place. Another person who leftin search of a more cultured, living place has found it, I think. Andanother someone has found her 'other half', but is still glowing withthe same odd fire that always lit and occasionally burned her. Anotheris set to take another sip from the ladle that gives her a lot of herdistinction. I only have two friends that come to mind who I know don't seemto have a life I would hope for them. I wish I could help, but the distanceand means arn't available to me.

There are lots of people selling furniture that I'm shying away from becauseI temporarily should not be spending money. I'm not sure if I should justput it on the credit card, or miss out on everything. A lot of it is cash-onlytoo, and that's the worst -- it's easy for money to flow from cash and mynormal bank account into my credit card, refilling my credit union and paypalcoffers, or similar. Going the other way is considerably harder.

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