Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Portable and nonportable memory

I have gained new insight into something I went through years ago.During my first year of University, I visited my parents' homealmost every weekend, only rarely spending weekends in the dorms.At the time, I thought that it was just homesickness, but I now knowthat that was only part of it. Instead, it was that Columbus didn'treally feel like home to me yet -- my residence was transitory, andmy friends were still new. I now realize that I'm going through manyof the same things again in Pittsburgh -- new place, doesn't feel likehome yet, and I don't have strong personal ties anymore, for now.I could almost imagine visiting my parents every weekend again forawhile, almost... Except I do have things to do in Pittsburgh, andit's probably better to just work harder at making it feel likehome again.

As implied above, I'm at my parents home right now, back in Brecksville.Yesterday I visited with my grandparents for some time, and also with myimmediate family, which I'll do a bit more of today before I head backhome. It's been a good trip -- I haven't really had the time tovisit everyone for awhile, and I miss them. In a way, I think we carrysmall subsets of everyone we're close to in our mind. It helps a lotfor me to be able to dig back and interact with the family a bit, as ithelps me remember part of who I am, in a sense.

Soon after I got here, my dad and I went to a computer store, andapart from a lot of browsing, we got portable USB storage devices.$30 for 128M. Good deal. I'm probably going to wear mine on theprovided neckstrap almost all the time. I'm not sure about everything that'sgoing to be on it -- some things like ssh for windows will be perm residents,and maybe a bit of comedy. I do want to leave enough free for easy transportof stuff though. Hmm.. I can also maybe find some unused furniture inmy parents basement ... Mmmm...

Apparently, O'Reilly's been busy pumping out Perl books since I last checked..Some of the new ones might be things I'll want to get once I'm financiallyhappy, with laptop and maybe with Prius :)


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