Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Vorteil: I've improved my netdiary software. It uses tables now to holdentries, can customize the background for each entry, and otherfun fancy stuff. It now also explicitly recognizes entry titles.

Nachteil: Apparently, I didn't actually manage to grab all of my entriesfrom my home system. This is because of one of three reasons:

  • I made a mistake in copying the entries, and wiped out most of them
  • I made a mistake in copying the entries, and they just didn't end up where they should've
  • The USB thingy had a hiccup. It did hang my computer yesterday, after all. I just partitioned it and made a new filesystem on it. Hopefully that'll eliminate this source of problems
Oh well, I guess I'll know when I get home later today.
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