Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Weight and Levity

I just called to make hotel reservations for the ORA Conference.The preferred location, the Portland Mariott, was full. I wasbeginning to get bummed, but they provided links to nearbyhotels. Aha! A Days Inn. Even at this late date, I got areservation, and for a little under half the cost. Yeah!

On the downside, Verizon doesn't have their stuff together.I called to nag about the DSL, and they didn't even know thatI ordered it. So I ordered it again, and the first person Italked to wanted to send me a new DSLmodem. I called someonein the other department (3 departments I get to deal with), andgot them to cancel sending another one. It'll be about a week untilI have DSL again. Good going, Verizon. On the slight upside, one ofthe people I spoke with said they could put my local phone (which Idon't directly use, but need for DSL), DSL, and wireless chargesall onto one bill. That's nice.

The book Unbearable Lightness of Being is an incredible book.It's all about the characters -- Unlike a lot of books and movies,the characters in this are perhaps a little 'more real', or at leastmore detailed, than real people. The main character reminds me a bitof one of the most nuanced people I know.


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