Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

On the Run

I had a dream that I, along with some other guy, killed someone.We were in Pittsburgh, but I think the killing happened in astreet that was much like Tanager Trail (street where I livedin Brecksville). I decided that I wasn't going to try to dealwith the police, or the other guy, and so I gathered up mythings, ran home (a mix between my Hobart and Bellefonteapartments in Pgh), grabbed my stuff, and started running withit towards and through Shadyside. I had to slow down and actnormal when I saw a bunch of police doing some kind of festivity,and one of them did stop me and look at my wallet, probably becauseI had so much stuff on me, but he let me go, and I kept going pastPenn Avenue, and into an arctic trail with big hills and frozen roads.I used something flat I was carrying to slide down a big hill/road (fun!It was a very long hill), and started running up the trail on the sideof the road, avoiding cars. A cute girl ran by, and stopped, and wechatted for awhile, and I was interested in her, and she seemed tobe in me, but then I remembered that I really didn't have timefor love because I was fleeing the police, so I left. A few minuteslater, a semiattractive girl came by, and asked me to fill out asurvey. I filled it out, and she handed me a longer one, which Isaid I'd mail to her. She was kinda pushy on having it filled outright away, but I insisted, and walked on. Eventually I found myway into a new town, and realized that I needed money (and food)to survive. I had some money, but I didn't want to exhaust it, so Ineeded to work for awhile. I started working for a landlord who letme stay on their property and would pay me for my computer efforts,but I had to give her my SSN, and I knew I couldn't stay very longbefore her reports of paying me caused the police to come and getme there.

Then I woke up. I wonder if this is at all related to an article Iread in the city paper some time ago on the psychological effects ofbeing homeless -- it was quite a stressful dream, although it wasliberating too. Of course, I imagine there are less stressful waysof becoming homeless, should I ever want to experiment, althoughthis way did have more authenticity because I didn't have bankaccounts that I could (safely) draw on to get myself out of jams.Hmm. That's interesting -- authentic forms of some things in lifeis out of the grasp of some people. I'll need to chew on that.

Last night I had a very good night for philosophy, at the CoffeeTree. I got a lot of good writing done. Alas, it was not a goodnight for laundry -- one of the other ppl in the triplex wasusing the washer/dryer, and so I have a very small clothes selectiontoday. Hmm. Sometime I'll need to clean the long-dirty clothesin my giant red bag -- some of them haven't been washed since16th street.

I really need to be leaving for work now..

Tags: dreams

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