Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Essays and Sadness

Today's weather is, bizarrely, summerlike again -- unlike the warm-day-in-winter phonomenon of the ground and air feeling cold but one's body feeling warm, everything is moderately warm. I wonder if winter-warmth is the result of warmth being too fleeting to properly sink down into the soil or warm the air, and this sunday was warm as well. I spent Sunday indoors cleaning, tossing stuff, and taking care of some duties, seeing very little time outdoors.

I recently have become burdened by a large amount of knowledge, some of it private, much of it of great import and emotionally charged, talking with people who see each other as worthless. With two of them in specific, I agree with some of their specific points, and have personal conclusions that are close to one or the other on various specific issues. One of them I trust more on something akin to ethical matters, another I trust more on making things happen that have become dysfunctionally stagnant. Neither is civil to the other. I feel alone in caring about both matters and personally liking both of them. And then there are other people involved who I don't care for at all, and others who I think are so idealistic that I don't think they can possibly do any good. Well, no, idealistic is not the right word -- idealism is respectable in that it refers to a basis for values. The problem is that they're not strong willed enough or willing to do what needs to be done to best advance their values, whether those values are best described under idealism, pragmatism, or something else. I'm not in a position to affect much of this anyhow -- primarily to worry about it. I do have an essay that might address another issue I'm worried about...

This coming weekend I will probably be Amtrak-ing to Brecksville to visit my mum and grandparents.

  • I hate seeing Bad Advice. Ask Yahoo needs more clued question answerers. Our star is named Sol, our moon is named Luna, and our planet is called Terra. That we don't use the names often does not mean that they don't exist.
  • Bomb or Not is a funny take on Hot Or Not.

I am very tired today -- hopefully I'll make it through today's meeting and stumble home to early sleep ok.


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