Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

No Time for Splitting Potentia

I have a dog by the name of Moyel. Well, not exactly.It's an in potentia pet that I would have been getting at somepoint in the future with Debb. I still am getting Moyel. Maybe sheis too, although it's a different Moyel. Our split has become a somewhatmore literal (but not extremely literal) split for Moyel. Mine is a FieldSpaniel, and almost certainly hasn't been born yet. I can't say anythingabout her Moyel. She might not even spell it the same :P It's amusing to methat Wally and Beefalo are half-siblings, but the Moyels won't actually berelated at all.

The rest of the week appears to be filling out pretty nicely. Today isphilosophy, tomorrow is Zets. On thursday, I'm meeting with someone whocalled me out of the blue regarding atheist meetups. On friday, there'sa party full of geeks talking politics (mild Zets affiliation).I've also been figuring out my schedule for the rest of the year, fromholidays and vacations to my school schedule (when it starts on 25 August).

I'm starting to think about packing for the Hypaeta and ORA trips. PoorWally ... he's going to be alone for about a week. I'd better get him hisbig bag of food soon.

Playing with my netdiary code, and automatic translation of stuff.I can't get em-dashes to translate automagically, but let's see..EURO euross S-set

Tags: blog, pets, philosophy

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