Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dreams of Driers

I had a dream about the drier in my apartment today. Thrilling, no?The thing is, I washed my clothes last night, and put them in thedrier, turning it on. I intended to head back down to check on themin the night, but I fell asleep. I woke up in the morning, went down,and they were still wettish. So, I turned it on again, went upstairs,and napped (I initially woke up very early). I went down, they were stillnot dry (it had, of course, stopped). I then realized the problem. Thestupid thing will only run for half an hour -- the settings knob has nohigher settings. In my old place, the drier wasn't great, but it could beset for two hours, which would tend to get my clothes more or less dry.I turned it on again, went back up, and napped. I then had my dream --I was in the dark version of Pittsburgh, in my apartment, examining thedrier, and seeing that although it had the spinny part it needs to tumbleclothes, there was also a large space in front of that inside thedrier, and clothes would sometimes tumble forward and sit in the nonspinnypart, being heated and cooled but not spun. I was trying to figure out away to get them to stay in the proper area. Heh.

I kind of like the 'dark version' dreams. I know that it's the creationof my mind, but I really look forward to seeing what the dark version ofthe outdoors of Pittsburgh is like. I've had numerous dreams of the darkversion of Columbus, and at least one of the dark version of Brecksville.I recently came back across a map I made of the dark version of Columbus,while looking for the remote control to my DVD player.

Speaking of which, I'm very frustrated that neither my TV remote nor myDVD remote has shown up. I also seem to have misplaced some of the shelfcubes -- I know I have more, and I have their corners, but I put themsomewhere and now they're gone. Frustrating.

Verizon continues to piss me off. Despite my making several calls to tellthem not to send me a new kit, and their assurances they would not, theysent me email notice today of the UPS tracking number. I called in, andthey're sending me fare to mail it back, and won't charge me. Theirservice is nice, but their incompetance as a bureaucracy is incredible.

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