Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The eyes open

The corpus colossum is restored, and Improv and Pat shake hands.In one blink, a twisted landscape, in the next, normalcy.

I'm back online at home. It'll be a little while until I fullycatch up on my email, and pull everything together, but at leastnow it won't be long. My apologies to everyone who I haven't respondedto in email yet. It'll be soon.

I also twisted my configuration a bit today. I got tired enough ofthe crappy sound quality on holly's new motherboard that I movedthe speakers to forrester, and did lots of tweaking to get rid ofthe squeal that forrester normally continuously has when it uses itssoundcard. I also fixed the odd shifting effect on the shared monitorthat happened when holly was using it by using a shorter, more stronglyshielded cable between the KVM and holly (forrester seems to do fine withthe longer cable, despite it using it in higher res. Maybe it's the refreshrate that makes the difference).

The Senate is working on undoing some of the media control rules thatthe BushJr (pretzels be unto him) administrations have been undoing.In yet another step in my slow liberalization, I approve of thoseregulations, and see it as a good thing that the Senate is moving torollback the changes. Libertarianism doesn't mesh well with Democracyin many of its stances. I have mixed feelings on each -- the massesare collectively very stupid, but Democracy both placates them and providesa way for them to stop the greatest abuses, a way that's hard to come by inother systems. Libertarianism has a purity I like, and doesn't intervene, andI do think most meddling is crap. However, in that same breath, I think thereare some causes and areas where meddling is great, and neither the marketnor notions of individual liberty are things that I think should be sacrosanct.Oh well. It's bedtime.

Music for now is Blues Traveler -- Hook

Tags: politics

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