Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Mustard and Guacamole

I had my Weird Al and Oingo Boingo CDs out at the coffeeshop today(postnote: actually, where I jotted this entry in, in pen and paper).A kid and an elderly man complemented my music choice as they walked downthe street. The kid was an interesting encounter -- I didn't hear what hesaid w/ my earphones on. I removed them and said "what?, and he said"nevermind" and walked on. A compliment said is a gift, and to ask for itsrepetition can be to take more than what is offered. I think I know whyit sucked so much out of me to have my crush called the other day -a crush represents hope, and living with false hope is easier than livingno hope. Hmm -- "no hope" isn't the right phrase, but you, dear reader, canfigure out what I mean, I'm sure.

I spent much of the morning-afternoon helping a fellow Zet move. He and hisgf (or perhaps wife) were moving to a nice house they had purchased. They'relucky -- I thought more than once "that should've been me". How ironic --if things hadn't've gone wrong, that would've been me, but then I wouldn't'vebeen w/ the Zets anyhow. I wish I had someone to love. Picky and shy. Bleh.

Tags: philosophy

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