Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Key of H sharp

Music is the gateway between the rooms in my mind. I've been collectingonto CDs I burn the keys to my Kingdom, and I now wonder if that's wise.I can only be in one mood, and rapid moves between are like programming amachine to "shake me violently" iguana or cat? worst fear.I maybe should group my mood. Do I want to intensify my moods? I don't know.The new Firewater CD I'm listening to now offers me a glimps into a strangeroom in my house that I almost never see, or let myself see, more likely,"in the wild". It is the ever twisting gears and tranquil pink nerve gasof Insanity. The musical usher is "Too many Angels".

I am almost done with Kundera's book. It is perhaps the finest novel Ihave read. When I get home, I will likely check IMDBto see if a movie has been made of it, and if so, I will likely Netflixit, and likely complain bitterly about the translation, because that's thekind of person I am.

I like this CD, but in a different way than I liked its predecessors. Odd mood?Changed music taste? Cliche, but perhaps for me they're the same thing.

Tags: music

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