Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Living to a Rhythm

As I walked home, I was stopped by someone who looked a bit like Sharon.He gestured to the playground to my left -- "There's not a school there?"."No", I said. He said that he had attended school there 62 years ago, and wasvisiting back for the first time. He then walked on. I walked a bit further,turned, and lookd at the playground again, and then continued home.

I had a song on repeat in my CD player, and just as I reached my apartmentand opened the door, it ended. I opened the door to the beat, and I nowwonder if I walked to the beat too.

I'm writing this in my living room. I will now continue through and check onthe SuSE install on my big Alpha. Parting thought -- Only the mix of themundane and the deep makes me real to you. Not a reason, but an argumentagainst an internalized past rebuke on mixing both in my journal.

Tags: music, tech

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