Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Late 2006 Sysadmin Good Practice

A bunch of things I regularly do on Unix systems after install, unlikely to be of interest to non-geek sorts. All things are as applicable:

  • Update package manager
  • Update rest of system, reboot
  • Do any hardware tweaks I need to make things happy
  • Copy over the parts of my home directory that I see as really useful
  • Remove mono
  • Disable ssh's support of ssh1, disable root login
  • Remove system vim (leaving "vi" on Fedora, or sometimes replacing it with nvi), install vim-current from subversion/cvs if on a personal system, from latest tarball if on a servecr
  • Remove any packages I don't see a use for
  • Disable any services that shouldn't be running
  • Tweak config files, put anything odd/complex into the CVS/SVN tree on my laptop
  • mkdir /backup, arrange for cron to nightly put anything local that's important into tarballs there
  • Edit /etc/aliases so system mail goes to a mail address I'm likely to actually check
  • Install the following things, wherever I need to get them from:
    • compress
    • banner (not the brain-damaged SysV version)
    • crypt
    • nettop
    • whois (preferably the nice jwhois version)
    • sar
    • WindowMaker and associated apps, if I'm planning to use the desktop of the system in any serious capacity
    • Ditto with mplayer
  • Possibly tell syslog to send its logs elsewhere
I used to install a lot of extra stuff, like adobe acrobat and realplayer, but I've been happy enough with evince and mplayer that I no longer bother.

I am thrilled that J/R are starting to do gaming nights again -- our cyberpunk 2030 gaming session seems to be proceeding at a glacial pace, but mixing in board game nights would be nice and might get more/broader interest. I regret that I didn't get the chance to DM while we all were more into that side of things.. If anyone else in my friends list who's local would be interested...


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