Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Frozen in sleep

I slept almost 12 hours last night, waking up for a brief period inthe middle. I wonder why. I had a dream that I was wandering throughsecret passages and stuff in a house, with portions that looked likethe old Brecksville house (there were stairs in the coat closet!),the new Brecksville house, the crazy hotel M, D, A, and I all stayedin in New York way back, and other places I did not recognize. Forsome reason, my dad was also wandering through the house. Every oncein awhile, I'd come up against someone who I, for some reason, identifiedas a bad guy, and he'd taunt me and run away. Near the end of the dream,I got tired of dealing with him, and threw something at him. He saidouch, and I finally realized that I could hurt him. I started throwingmore stuff at him, and eventually realized that I needed to get rid ofhim by freezing him, so I started chanting random things and eventuallyfound something that generated ice from my hands. I kept saying it, overand over again, and he slowly started to freeze. For some reason, at thetime I thought the phrase translated from Japanese to 'naturally cold'. Ifinally froze him that way, the last thing he was able to do was takeoff his tie and hand it to me, explaining that in the sequel, it would bevery appropriate for his hand to reach out of the ice and grab it. I agreed,and didn't freeze the tie. I suddenly remember that earlier in the dream,I was wandering through a strange restaurant in ... what might've beenin a dark version of Shadyside. The restaurant was very oddly shaped --multilevel, with a vaguely mexican-style architecture and walls thatwere odd only because they didn't block off anything useful. I was kind oflost, and in a hurry, and the waiter kept wanting me to sit down and eat,but I was just using the area within the walls to pass through. It wasall outdoors. Hmm.

Anyhow, there's someone I saw on who looks cute, and I showedthe jpeg it to Dubin, and he had a rather amusing quote:"It's a strangely composed photo, but she has nice shiny teeth"

I have a new officemate. She's nice, but the room is a bit crowded, andshe doesn't like the room as dark as PaulH and I do, and actually wantsthe *shudder* ceiling lights on. I brought in sunglasses today. I hopethis doesn't get old too quickly.

Tags: dreams, love

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