Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Dear Netflix,I have read that you have acquired a patent onrenting out DVDs on a subscription basis overthe internet. I, along with a number of othercustomers (see the story on )am upset by this decision -- I feel that it isanticompetitive, and that it placesunacceptable restrictions on liberty. I knowthat I don't speak just for myself when I statethat should you require licenses or sue anyonefor this technology, I will stop using yourservice, and turn the positive word-of-mouthI have been spreading about your serviceto something highly negative. I like yourservice, and in the time that I've had it,I've seem a number of good movies. I knowthat I've gotten you at least two othercustomers. I don't want to leave, but ifyou do this, I won't still be a customer oran advocate.

Pat Gunn


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