Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Blasted American Public

linkHere's a largish quote, with my comments in red.

The A-B-C News-Washington Post survey found 63 percent of those interviewedsay the war can be justified even if such weapons aren't found. Only 23percent think it's necessary to find some.

Nice. Shoot first, justify second, and maybe notthen at all. Oh, yeah, actually, lie first. Nevermind all the dictatorsthe U.S. propped up, nor the weapons they provided Iraq in the first place.Thank goodness for the countries that wern't spineless enough to bow toAmerican economic pressure to support BushJr(pretzels be unto him)'slittle adventure.

The poll also discovered a majority of Americans would favor invading Iranto keep it from developing nuclear weapons. Thirty-eight percent would beopposed.

Great! Why don't we invade all the other countries wecan think of that we don't like that have nukes? After all, there's noway anyone would resent nobody but the United States and it's pals(and economic slaves) having weapons! It's so fair, nobody could possiblyobject! The whole world should bow down to the American braggado:"You disagree with us, you're gonna be poor. You look like you might bebuilding weapons to resist our agression, you're going down". Wonderful.

As implied by these results, President Bush remains popular. The pollfound 68 percent of Americans support the job he's doing, and about thesame percentage support his actions in Iraq.

Of that 68 percent, 75 percent would be happy if allnon-Americans were to die a sudden painful death, so long as noMcDonalds ended up closing and gas prices remained cheap.

Politics is something that can really piss me off, especially thingsrelated to our idiotic president. But ... I'm irritated in general atlife right now. I'm having temporary money problems, I'm getting a lot lesssolitude at work, and I'm just not feeling all that well right now.Maybe I'll just skip the philosophy thing tonight.
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