Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Smell of Flowers

As I walked home, I smelled what I initially thought was really obnoxiousperfume. However, after a bit, it seemed too pure, and not quite fake enoughto be perfume, and I kept smelling it. Eventually I realized that it was thesmell of flowers behind CMU -- apparently there must be a lot of them, and itactually smelled really nice. I also walked a different route home today,and the variety was nice. It's more fun to have some mildly off-traildiversions than to use the trails the whole way.

I've decided to chop a lot of the details of the problems with therelationship between Debb and I out of this journal.
(section not shown)

I haven't made the chop yet -- considering that I often had entries that talkedabout her and other stuff, and that I don't want to chop entries into pieces,I'm going to tweak the software so that I can privatize portions of entrieswithout losing the entire thing. Once I do that, I'll revisit each entry andremove the private bits. You may also notice that I'm revisiting old entriesand adding topics to old entries, and that when an entry has a topic, there'sa field to display it. Eventually, topics will end up being links to detaileddiscussion on that topic, and possibly, once I have colo, a way to retrieveonly those entries that have stuff on that topic.

Today was a good day at work -- the normal lab meeting ended up beingbrainstorming on an interesting mathematical topic, and because food didn'tarrive, we all went out to a nearby Indian restaurant instead.

And now, a deep philosophical musing:Why does my cat like eating string?

Later addition:I just made the improvement to the netdiary software. It was really easy,once I realized that my transformation code was in the copy of netdiaryI had outside my work system, and that I accidentally had forked myown project. Heh. So, I chopped out the most visible bits that I wantedprivatized. I'm also proud to say that it's been about 3 weeks since Ilast visited Debb's website or journal. It was just a bad temptation,and I felt hurt every single time I did it.

Off to Zets.


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