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Yesterday was my birthday. I'm now a little over a quarter of acentury old. *shrug*

One fun thing was that I was invited to go running sometime withAthena from Zets, with the suggestion that we run somewhere, geta milkshake, run back, and throw up the milkshake. An intriguingoffer :) Anyhow, yesterday, she called me, and we went to a swimmingpool for some kind of organization she's part of in Oakland. We thenwere joined by Tom, and went out for a good Indian dinner. We thenhung out at Coffee Tree for the rest of the evening. It was a good day.Athena and I talked about Zionism and a number of related topics.I'm actually pretty certain that she and Debb have crossed trails -- sheruns every morning, and is a Judaophile. I again was impressed by howTom's music selection is a near match to mine, and how his taste in booksis similarly eclectic (but with a different instantiation) to mine.

Oh, yes, onto the title. Athena is apparently a ESFP, the oppositeMyers-Briggs from me. It seems that Keirsey is creeping into my lifeagain -- somehow, without my being the one to bring it up, everyonearound me seems to mention it.

Mmm... Beetlejuice theme. It's been creeping into my mind a lot recently,along, of course, with the nice, depressing, Firewater CD. Hmm.. maybeI should rewatch Beetlejuice sometime. My mind keeps drawing weird parallelsbetween it, Zelda 3, Steven King's The Talisman, and my strangedreams of twisted versions of places I've been. I can remember that versionof Columbus as well as if I've actually been there, in real life. I savorthat kind of thing like little else..

The trips are coming up soon. I hope Wally will do ok for a week withoutme. I'll leave out lots of food and water.

The stupid remotes for my TV and DVD player continue to elude me.I might just give up and replace them. *sigh*

Oh, when I got home, I found that via IM, I was invited to two seperateevents by two seperate people while I was gone. I didn't have theenergy left, but I suddenly don't feel quite so alone. It takes me a reallylong time to get comfortable with people -- I just feel a certain nervousnessand stuff around people I don't know well. I just need to deal with thatuntil those feelings go away, and hope that other people don't get too putoff, if they notice. However, I'm feeling some of my barriers slowlydrop a bit for some people here, and that's a good thing.

Anyhow, it's time for me to cuddle with Wally and maybe get somesleep. Hmm... shall I sleep on the futon or on the cushions nearthe TV tonight? I will not bore my kind reader with any of the colossallyboring details of my deliberation.

Your 25-year old author, Pat/Improv Gunn

Tags: friends, music

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