Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

And the other side of the scale...

The world shows it has balance. In summary,Huh?Bleh

The first suggests, but does not state, that we'll be seeing healthier Oreosand other junk food from Kraft. Pretty strange.

The second is about the ICC, where, as I might've mentioned before,the U.S. is pushing that it be immune from a court that it supports foreveryone else. Blatant self-servingness. I mean, it's one thing to opposethe ICC altogether, which various anti-UN folk do. It's quite another to suggestthat everyone but you be subject to it, support it for everyone else, and essentially bribe other nations to grant exceptions. You can't have it bothways, or at least shouldn't. Do I think the ICC is a good idea? I don't know.I really don't know enough about it, neither in procedure nor in what kinds ofthings it claims jurisdiction over. I don't know what kinds of abuses itsvulnerable to. However, it seems likely to me that whatever the issues are,it's not going to just be the U.S. that might have issues with the specifics.So fix them, or don't support it! Sheesh!

Philosophy was interesting, as usual. I finally found the mailing list forthe group, and signed up for it. W00t.

Howard Dean is all the rage among Democrats, and is bringing new hope toliberals everywhere. More importantly, he's not afraid of naming peoplein the Democratic party who he thinks have sold out. If he doesn't runwith someone insane, he gets my vote. I just need to figure out how toregister. Heck, I might donate some money to his campaign. I'd do just aboutanything to get BushJr (pretzels be unto him) out of office.

I'm so excited about this virtual server thing. Yeah!!


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