Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

End of the line for netdiary 2.x

I have my virtual server set up, and that means that I'm going to be reworkinga lot of my website to take advantage of the additional power availablewhen one controls a webserver and a database and all that fun stuff.A lot is gonna change, but here's the most immediate. Netdiary 2.x is nowa dead-end, and I'll soon be starting work on 3.x. I'm probably going tostart from scratch, although I'll keep backwards-compatibility in mind.Netdiary 3.x will have logins (and thus guests), comments, and customizableviews of the entries, allowing readers to pick their own colors and topicsto see or omit. It *might* get a web interface for making entries, I'm notsure. Entries will be stored inside both Postgres and seperate flat files onthe filesystem, and depending on what I decide, I might keep the ability togenerate flat html for those of you who arn't lucky enough to have access toa webserver with a database. I guess this means that the code will splitinto a client and a server (CGI) part.

Hmm. I might add the ability for per-pageload random quotes too. Hmmmmmm...Oh well.

Tags: blog, tech

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