Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

OSCon report (part 1)

Hello from the west coast!I have a journal entry that I made at Hypatia and another at the airportthat're not in here, but I'll fix that later. Here's what's been going onsince I got back:

I stopped by my apartment, got wally some more food, withdrew somemoney from the bank, and took a cab to the airport. Didn't manageto contact Athena to see what's up :(

At the airport, my flight was very delayed. Fortunately, it's connectingflight was also very delayed. Unfortunately, I arrived here around3am, and am operating on very little sleep. I seem to be doing betterwith operating on little sleep recently though. So.. I checked intoDay's Inn, and this morning woke up and jogged to the convention hotel.The first session was about advanced constraints and triggers and thelike that can be done with Postgres. This is *VERY* useful -- if I gettime to do it, I'm going to revamp some of my code at work to use it,and it certainly will influence the design of the next version of mynetdiary software. I was pretty hungry for the whole thing though, becauseinstead of having breakfast, I spent the entire pre-class time trying tostraighten out a schedule problem (one class tomorrow I wanted got cancelled).I cut into lunchtime too and finished fixing it, cancelling both reservationsfor tomorrow and replacing them with a single, whole-day longer class onRuby. Anyhow, I ran out at the last minute and got some soup and salad forlunch, and grabbed some crackers and a danish for the 2nd class today. Thatwas on Mod_Perl 2.0. I think the danish was a mistake -- I got pretty sleepyfor the first half-hour of the presentation, because of all the sugar.Fortunately, I snapped out of it, and it too was an interesting presentation,although it was really more of a general intro to Apache 2.0's hooks withPerl as the chosen implementation language. I think it wouldn't be toohard to apply everything taught to other languages. One big plus about thisis that it gives me a *lot* to chew on when it comes to redesigning mywebsite, and maybe if I ever need to do anything more with website designin general, I might take a lot more advantage of what Apache 2.0 has to offer,which is quite a lot over 1.0. w00t!

Anyhow, this is turning out to be a really cool vacation so far. I'm actuallytyping this on a Powerbook G4 -- a really wide, cool system that has asurprisingly small keyboard for it's size. Anyhow, despite the smallkeyboard, it's a nice system. The entire lab this year is Macs runningOSX, and I'm pretty impressed with their performance. I don't think I couldget used to running OSX as my main OS, but it's actually a pretty decentOS, and the hardware is really cool.

I'm getting hungry. I'm gonna check out the Indian Restaurants now.Maybe I'll write more tomorrow.

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