Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

OSCon report (part 2)

I walked to dinner. The place I initially was going to go wasn'twhat Days Inn thought it was -- apparently the list I got fromthe hotel was outdated. So, I walked to another Indian Restaurantthat was a bit further away, and it was excellent. It's name isIndia House... I got my standard order -- Saag Paneer, Samosa,and this time also plain Naan. The samosa were almost flat -- a shapeI haven't seen on samosa before, and were a bit spicy. Their chutneywasn't what I had hoped for, but that was really the only downside of themeal. The Saag Paneer was wonderfully spicy (I ordered it 'very hot'),and the cheese had a distinctly different taste than any other PaneerI had had. The servings were very generous though, so I wasn't able tofinish my Naan, so I brought it with me and finished it just now as Itype this. I left a large tip, as it was one of the best Indian meals Ihave ever had. I might go back later in the week.

On the way back, I took out my camera and explored a bit. There was alarge, bizarrely-shaped ... hmm.. area .. of shaped brick, where peopleplayed hackeysack, hung out, and stuff. I'd be tempted to call it apark, but there was no grass involved. I'll put the pictures up later.Also, the public transportation system looks really neat here -- thereare trains on rails that go through the streets, many of them free.It's pretty, and it looks like socially this place is very alive. There'sa lot more punk here than Pittsburgh, maybe a bit more than Columbus.The city, or at least the areas I can see, appears to be beautiful, andI got some good pictures. This is actually another place I could imagineliving comfortably, on first glance. I'll explore more tomorrow...

Oh, yes, I'm about to make the big transition from evilnet to my virtualserver. My main email's going to be a bit iffy for awhile, as it transitions.My webpage might be down-ish, and certainly the stuff that's upon it now isn't yet up on the new site. Oh well, I want to start this now sothat it's ready by the time I get home. If you're trying to email me,just email for the time being.

Ahh, I'm keen to install Spider Eyeballs on my server..I have a lot of pictures I want to put up..Anyhow, I might go to bed very soon -- I'm tired from the sleep situation,Hypatia, the airport, the drive, the walk to/from work, and probablyseveral other things.

Oh, yes, I didn't mention it, but I think I hurt my knee at Hypatia. It'smy right knee, and although it's perfectly ok when walking, going downstairs hurts (going up is generally ok).

Anyhow, I really am tired. +++ATH0

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