Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

OSCon Report (part 5)

Today was a good day.I went to MJD's Perl BOF -- it was small, informal, and good.The topics danced all over the place, and he has all sorts ofinteresting ideas.. another thinker type. Earlier, I went to asession on an open PIM, led by Mitchell Baker, formerly of Mozilla.I got quite a lot more swag (it's all about knowing *when* to hangaround there -- when it's slow or when they're closing up, they handout stuff like mad), and had some good conversations. Still, something'smissing. I'll write more about that later.

I sketched out an idea for an atease-like system for Linux during one ofthe classes. I might implement it.

I had an idea a second ago, and had the idea to go outside and sit whilesketching it out. It was about philosophy, and it was good, but I lost it.Maybe it'll come back. I'm going to go sit outside anyhow. Ahh, yes,I also want to write about abstract love sometime -- being in love, butwithout a particular (or at least noncomposite) target. I'll probablywrite more before I post this stuff, unless I forget. Bye.

Postnote: Nah, I'll write about it later.

Tags: tech

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