Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

OSCon Report (aftermath)

I'm on the plane back east. Early in the journey, I saw a mountain peekup through the cloud cover. It was frosted in white, and now we're over sandmountains. I was surprised to find they're not charging for headphonesfor the in-flight movie -- it's that Martin/DanaAdams comedy Bringing downthe House. Today is to be a boring one, but it provides me a chance toreflect. The ORA Conference was missing something. I'm still not certain whatwas there -- a lessened sense of community, a more serious mode, I'm not sure.I learned a lot, and did have a good trip overall. Hmm.

A thought -- there was talk, in the open source business model, about chokepoints in technology, and using them for revenue. It seems as if toll bridgesare a good model for this, and open bridges threaten such control. Profitinspires construction of bridges, true, but it also inspires new, deeper chasms.Wealth accumulation is both about giving capabilities and taking away qualityof life. In one clause, it's about creating as wide a gulf as possible betweenlife with cooperation of vendor, and life without. Capitalism, unbounded, is notclearly a plus or minus for society, but it's elements are only rarely neutralfor everyone.

Yesterday, on the way back from dinner, I came to the brick park I describedearlier, and there was a festival, with sand scultures. And, as is the custom,there were evangelicals with megaphones and signs there to make surenobody could enjoy themselves.I sat for a time and talked with some of them.We talked philosophy, and it was fun, but I now wonder if they realize howobnoxious it was for them to be there, disrupting a charity event. *shrug*They also said that they knew of Brother Jed, and that he was not a Christian,and one of then told me his impression of my future. Apparently, I'm to moveto Italy. Hmmmmm.

Earlier that day, Stonehenge Consulting arranged a party at an arcade calledGround Kntrol, with ancient videogames. Quarters were provided by Stonehenge,and it was a lot of fun. Some games I had played on PC ages ago, and hadforgotten. Before that, some of us went to the zoo. Fun. But now I'm on myway home, to be with my cat and sleep on my futon for the first time in toolong. I also can check on my friend, and have some quiet time. My mom saidon a recent phone call that a family reunion may happen soon on her side.

Well, we're descending, and it's pretty down there..

Tags: philosophy, tech

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