Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Exclusive roads

To continue last entry's narrative, my second flight was just an hour, andI spent the entire time talking with an interesting lady, a grandmother, who(I think) was born in France, had a strong accent, and had lived in Germanyfor a time as well. We talked about philosophy of life, how society is,her kids, and I showed her my digital pictures. It was fun... Airplane friendsare good practice for making longer-term friends, I think :) ... Anotherairplane thought -- I think that observing someone on an airplane is probablyone of the best ways to know who they are and their personality type, muchbetter than those tests. Or maybe it tells different things. Hmm.

Anyhow, I put my CMU ID to use to get back from the airport, taking onecity bus to CMU, and then a CMU escort van back to my place. I saw for thefirst time the roads that are only open to public transportation in Pittsburgh.There's quite a lot of them. I think public transportation is a great idea,and would like to see very strong subsidies and punitive gas taxes to pushpeople to use it. With more people on it, additional investment would be neededto push it to 24 hours, and make it everywhere, but there are quite a lot ofbenefits.

Ahh, yes, an irritant at the airport -- the stupid voice announcements thatthe moving floors are coming to an end.. People are pampered too much, andit's irritating to hear it announcing over and over that the end of thefloor is nearby. People learn how to walk at an early age. You'd figure theyhave the basic skill to scan the ground in front of them for changes thatthey need to think about. If they don't have that skill yet, let them failand fall. If they can't handle moving floors, they can use the normal floors onthe side anyhow.

Well, I'm really tired. But.. I do have my galleries on their way to beingup. When it's done uploading, Go here.I'll be moving my entire site over tomorrow, and re-merging my email, usingforwarding to catch the people whose sites haven't yet picked up on theDNS change yet for my email.

I've found that listening to the latest Firewater CD has made me actuallyappreciate a lot of the songs from their other CDs that I was onlyneutral on before. Strange.

Holly was dead again when I got back, but I ran out today and got a replacementpower supply with more pep in it (500W instead of 300W), and it lives again. Ihope it stays that way. If not, I got a 1-year warranty on it for an extra $10,so I can keep on replacing it until it stops dying.

I was also upset today to find my friend is still in the hospital. I hope I canvisit her soon.


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