Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Sleeping Dust

I decided to do some cleaning, and when taking out the trash, found thattoday is garbage day, as all my neighbors had their trash out too. Spiffy.It's clean enough, for now, and now I'm doing a more electronic kind ofcleaning. Every once in awhile I just have a huge urge to clean things.

I notice now that I have some pretty cool rocks from Hypatia and the OSCon --I had grabbed them and forgotten about them. I have so many resources andso much swag, and haven't looked at it yet because it's overwhelming. So muchto check out, so much to do. I'm still chewing over how I want the next versionof netdiary to work, and keep changing my ideal design. I figure once I reacha certain level of certainty, or don't change it in two or three days, I'llstart coding. My most recent thoughts:

Netdiary currently keeps all of its configuration inside its binary (well,script), and each entry is an individual file, with its name being the unixtime that the entry theoretically took place at. This is nice -- remember thatunix time is the number of seconds past the epoch (1 Jan 1970 0:00). It'sthus easy to insert entries into the past (I often do this when I'm jottingan entry on paper, when I'm away from a computer), and not too hard to editpast entries (adding topics, marking things private, etc). It's also prettyeasy to look through all the entries (grep) for specific text. The script justiterates through the entries, parsing them into seperate summary files, eachof which is a set of a defined size of entries, with links to the next andprevious such summary page. It then uploads all those (flat) html files tothe server. Easy to manage, easy to backup, easy to move, etc.

It's a really simple design, pretty foolproof really, for what I wanted itto do and what is possible for flat files. There are some parts of the codethat arn't pretty, and I could improve it if I wanted, but I don't care *that*much. The tricky thing is how best to preserve the best of those characteristicswhile making it all live in a database, with comments and stuff. That's kindatricky. Things that are fairly certain:

  1. On the server, there will be a postgres database, and, maybe just for access control, a very light recieving layer (but if I restrict based on both IP and username/password, maybe I'll be ok without that layer?)
  2. There will be a CGI in perl that'll query the database to generate the pages on demand
  3. There will be a client written in perl that will be able to retrieve, manipulate, and post back individual entries. This means that I'll need the import/export routines to not create drift that's too disruptive.
  4. There will be a web client too, where I'll be able to add new entries through the cgi.
  5. Other people will be able to login, post comments, and customize their views. This means I need to figure out a good way to manage login stuff (with cookies?)

Anyhow, apart from that stuff, let me state that I absolutely love grapejuice. If I could only drink one nonwater fluid for the rest of my life,let it be grape juice. And if I could only eat one meal for the rest ofmy life, let it be Saag Paneer with Samosas too. Of course, the two don'tgo together -- for Indian food I'd prefer water as the drink. Some tastesjust don't mix.

So, I no longer get personal mail using the old forwarding services, butoddly, I get, literally, all of my spam there. Hmm.. I wonder if there'ssome spamfiltering software installed in the sendmail running on dachte --literally no spam there, and literally no nonspam letters still going throughthe evilnet redirect. I wonder when that redirect will go away..

Some music:

Yokan, from Neon Genesis Evangelion
Lag Wagon - Sleep
Beatles - With a Little Help From my Friends
There's an interesting article here on the current stateof the Iraqi legal system.
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