Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Oh, another idea I had at the conference that I just remembered. A usefulthing -- when the system's CPU usage drops below 10%, it sends a SIGBOREDto each process in turn, and if they catch it instead of ignoring it, itwaits for the CPU usage to drop again below 10% again, and continues to sendthem. Once all processes get it, it then waits awhile before doing it again.Default handler is to ignore. There might be a process, kidled, that asks thekernel to do things that are best handled in kernel-space. Why? So thesystem can do housekeeping when it's not otherwise busy. Why not defrag thedisk? Have Perl or your JVM do garbage-collection? Have Postgres flush it'sdead table entries. Etc etc.

Tags: tech

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