Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

A Balloon Tied to a Kite

I was actually going to use the title, "an anvil tied to a balloon", butthe wrong words came to mind while I typed, and I like this too. It's adifferent metaphor, and maybe it doesn't fit, but I like the imagery oftwo different denizens of the sky that move so differently. Imagine themtied together... what kind of motion would that make?

So I've been working long hours recently. Somehow, programming has beenmore fun.. maybe it's the two monitors, maybe it's that the office doesn'tseem so lonely anymore, maybe it's that my workstation is actually fast.It might be that the projects have been interesting. It's good. And life,as always, goes on.

AOL settled with Microsoft, and got a free license to IE for so many years.So, they dropped Mozilla. Even when settling, microsoft gains ground. That'sa really interesting way to work one's company. How can they lose?It reminds me how the federal case ended with them giving the educationsystem free windows systems. That's just messed up. Settlements and lawsuitsshouldn't end up growing the problem which the lawsuit was about in the firstplace.

John Travolta grumbled that turning down the lead role in Chicago was amistake. Me? I'm happy he did -- wouldn't've seen it if he was in it.There are a few actors that I just don't want to see. John Travolta,Keanu Reeves, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc. If they're in it, I generallywon't see it.

There are some places in the park, some near trails and some way out therethat are really really pretty....

So, I think I'm pretty sure I know how I want the client software to work.As for the server side, I have it mostly thought out, but I don't yet knowhow I'm going to want to handle logins. I don't need to know that initially --I can retrofit that back on later, I think.

Anyhow, off I go.

Tags: tech

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