Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Progress on POUND

I now have a cgi that will generate pages that look a lot likemy netdiary, of course from the database. It formats them nicely,and all that. It still doesn't order them right, but I'll get thatin the next coding time. I'm trying to have the database do thegrouping for me. That's doable, I think. The thing that's tricky aboutnetdiary is that the frontpage should have the N most recent entries,while the other pages are based on groups of N starting from the otherend. That's why, when you start to step backwards from the mainpage, you often see entries that are still on the main page. Anyhow, if worsecomes to worse and I can't cleanly do it in the database, I'll just slurpall the entryids into the CGI and sort and chop it up manually. I don't wantto do that though, so I'll at least put some effort into doing it in thedatabase. It is nice seeing it display the little fake entries that are nowin my database creation scripts. I'd make it available for you all to see,but my scripts both need some login cleanup (for most operations, areadonly database connection should be sufficient) and it's faster if I justuse the apache/postgres on my local workstations rather than scp the scriptsaround every few minutes.

Oh, and I guess I also have beef with the Korean postal system. I've beentrying to send someone a gift, and it keeps coming back. One of a few thingsis happening. I might have the address wrong. Maybe they can't write myhandwriting. Maybe they're doing some kind of wacky censorship. It'sstupidly frustrating for it to arrive back at my place without so much asa note. I'll make an absolute last try in a few days, and if that fails,I'm just going to mail it to another address and they can wait to get backuntil they get it.

Generally though, life is good. I just like to complain here. :)Some people are just thoughtless though. I bumped twice into someonetoday who fits the bill exactly, and it's someone I almost never bumpinto by chance. The first time they nodded, the second time they pretendedI didn't exist. I was a bit mad at them the second time, having found outabout their thoughtlessness. I felt like giving them a piece of my mind,but didn't. I generally don't do that kinda thing. I also bumped intoJeffS from work while I was walking from Srees to Coffee Tree, my normalroute. I recently found out that he's practically a neighbor. I almost wentto an event for PUSH, but something came up. So, maybe the title of thisentry should've been vaguely about chance meetings, or something. Oh well,there're a lot of topics out there.

Oh, and in case you're not truly bored yet, I stopped by Giant Eagle on theway back from Coffee Tree, and got grape juice and some hygenic supplies thatI was running dangerously low on. YES! ANOTHER ENTRY TALKING ABOUT MY SHOPPINGLIST! *dancing*

I think that means that I'm too tired to keep writing.

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