Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Shards of Vision

I continue to live in interesting,here,here.

The first is a refinement of group selection, something that, at least to me,seems to very intuitively be part of natural selection. The second is theexample of a study that, if published in the United States, would be squashedbecause the religious folk don't like it's implications. More on that in a sec.The third is an indicator that the balance in American politics, or at leastthe snapshot that gets embedded in this representative term, is not presentlythere. More on that in a sec too.

On squashing studies and opinions that don't fit with the party ideology,a certain surgeon general comes to mind, who commented on this same issue.What harm is the act? Well, it happens to be forbidden in a book. It doesn'tappear to cause any actual harm to anyone though. It's interesting thatsuch a passage can shape society so much today. I do wonder what societywould be like if that passage, and perhaps the prudishness it embodies, werenot present. Perhaps a slight twist to Genesis to remove nudity as beingsinful would be interesting too. I wonder what would happen if an averageliterary work, let's say, for the sake of argument, Also Sprach Zarathustra*,were used as the basis for a society. Things change a lot when you take thingstoo seriously. In a way, the 'spirit of gravity' that Nietzsche writes aboutis the same thing.

On the topic of politics, I do wonder how much of that kind of thing isstandard fare, and how much of it is something novel. It'd be nice to knowwhether I should be thinking of fleeing the country to avoid a theocraticrevolution, or living life as I do. The first is, of course, unlikely, butit's hard to judge these things, and as history has shown us a few times,and as Socrates suggests, it is very possible for a Democracy to devolve intosomething lower. Heh. A thought -- half-lives for governments.

  • Dream: I was at a conference, and people were being called on to read and
discuss Also Sprach. I have opinions on it, and Nietzsche in general, as you

know, but I had lost my book. Hmm. I was at a new university, a ways from home,and there was a lot of grass outside. I think that might've been shards ofmemory from by thinking about going to an event at UPitt that I didn't actuallygo to, and wondering what it might've been like if I had gone there forundergrad. Jason was there too, as some kind of person who was leading theway to a truth that I believed in.. Strange..

I woke up today with a headache and dehydration. I hate this kind of headache --it means that I likely will be headache-marginal for all of today. Bleh.OTOH, I've recently been happier than I've been for weeks. On today's agenda,I'm going to probably replace the broken antenna on my cell phone. I'm notsure what else I'm going to do -- I'm still in low-spending mode. Maybe I'lltake a walk in Frick park.

Tags: dreams, politics, science

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