Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Self-Repair with Limited Resources

Heh, sounds like an O'Reilly book.Today, I took care of the cell phone, and was surprised to see that the'check engine soon' light on my car turned itself off. Huzzah. I hope itstays off -- I'm presently not afraid to drive anymore. While I was outthere, I got more slides for my microscope, new test tubes (the oldones being stuff that either was lost in the move, or things that Debb stillhas of mine.. maybe she has my remote controls too), and droppers. Huzzah!My microscope is ready for some hot examining action again! Heh.On the way back, I stopped at the bookstore out there (Monroeville) for awhile,spoke with my grandma on the phone for about half an hour, and read somemagazines and part of a book (Steven Baxter, one of my favorite Sci-Fi authors).I bought one of the magazine, and then .. well, I'm not going to talk aboutthat just yet. Maybe sometime later.

So, later in the day, I made my way back to Squirrel Hill, had some goodKnish and Matzohball Soup, and retired to CoffeeTree. I ran into Tom andGreg and .. argh, can't remember his name, there. We chatted for awhile,went to the bookstore, and after a lot of browsing, I decided, on commentof someone else in the scifi section that a book I liked was patterned afterthe Book of Mormon, to look for a copy (lost my old copy ages ago, and Idon't remember it well). They had an entire shelf of bibles, and lots ofQu'rans, but no books of mormon. Weird.

I'm starting what promises to be an interesting book. W00t.

I'm hungry. It's late. Eat'n'park is there. Do I go there? DO I? TELLLLL MEEEE!Heh. I've been amusing myself with practicing evil laughs. It's kind of fun.The problem is that a really good evil laugh, sustained, can give me aheadache, and at least for today, I have indeed been headache-marginal allday. Fortunately, it never slipped into a real headache, it's just a dull'feeling' that I know could more easily grow into one than my usual state.I wish I could describe it better. Maybe it's like how waves just lookdifferent when they're near a beach, versus when they're out much further.Hmm. Yes, I probably will go to Eat'n'park.

Oh, on the topic, I guess it strikes me as interesting how I have all thesethings in my life that are just a little bit broken, and they cost money tofix, and right now, I don't have the resources AT ALL to fix them. I'll bebetter off by the end of the month, and something else might happen that'llfix things almost entirely, but for now I'm fixing things by increasing myfinancial problems. It's a weird state to be in. The human body, when injured,draws more heavily on its internal resources, reducing to some extent the'holiday stash' of nutrients and stuff in order to do repairs. Those nutrientsare replenished over the next while... Borrowed time.

Watashi-wa nani-ga tabetai desu.Ich suche etwas essen. Wieder!


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