Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

POUND progress

POUND, the successor to my current netdiary software, is now nearly readyfor primetime. Of course, it's not nearly done, but it's pretty much atthe point that netdiary is. Why don't I switchover right now? Let's firstreview where it is now.

pndc is about half-implemented. It has absolutely no error checking, butit can post to the database, redate entries, and has retrieving stuff backout half-implemented (well, implemented, but not to spec). It can alsogive lists.

The schema is more ambitious than the current code to manipulate it. It hasprovisions for logins, comments (which I might still rework), and topics.It doesn't yet support access logs, which pndc will eventually supportviewing. On the other hand, I might decide, out of space and performanceconcerns, not to bother with such logging.

The cgis are coming along well. It is indeed possible to cleanly handle allthe page stuff through SQL that was ugly to do by hand. OTOH, I realize nowthat I was doing it wrong, and doing it all over by hand wouldn't be nearlyas bad. The CGIs also lack the error checking they should, but they respectprivate flags, have better page handling, and have per-entry viewing options(which will eventually include comments, when comments are supported).

So, what's wrong with the code that I don't put it up now?1) It's insecure. I'll need to look at the schema, and set it up to have various accounts, in order to feel safe running this thing on a public server2) It doesn't yet have the cool time-of-day icons that netdiary has. This is easy enough to add, but it was kind of hackish the old way, and I'm thinking about better ways to do it.

Stuff I haven't started on yet:User logins, RSS feeds, personalization of color schemes, web form to postnew entries, backups, files

Oh, Friendster is getting a lot more interesting now that I have some friendson it. W00t.

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