Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Zombie Guy

On the way to work, I passed a guy that I've seen somewhere else beforein Squirrel Hill. Or, maybe ... he might've been in the airport when Iwas coming back from the ORA trip. Anyhow, he looks exactly like thetypical depiction of a Zombie. Grey skin, doesn't look very aware, poorlydressed. I wonder who he is, and what his life is like. I imagine hehas a medical condition of some kind -- he looks far enough outside thenormal range that I'd probably put a small amount of money on it.

I woke up this morning, and apparently I was having a dream where I wascarrying a laundry basket of my clothes to someone, and giving them selectarticles from it, but keeping the others. Weird. Oh, wait, I think I knowwhere that part of the dream is from -- I was visiting someone recently, andthey were talking about sharing clothes with someone, and I also, unrelated,saw someone unfolding and checking out some clothes from a small pile ofsuch. Dreams are so strange that way -- I really didn't remember those twothings until just now, chewing on the dim memory of dream.

I'm adding more people into my Friendster network, and it's pretty neat.Still, they claim that at some point, they're going to start charging forsome functionality. That's really the problem, similar to the CDDB crap, whenbusiness provides a place for society to house its institutions -- at somepoint, they're going to demand money. Can we blame them? No -- they needmoney to survive. However, just because we can't blame them doesn't meanwe should accept their services. We need to make sure the power remains withthe people, so when they take it away, we still have it. My idea: mirrorfriendster with spiders so when they start charging for access and messagesacross their networks, we can reconstruct the social web in a freer form.It's the same thing we did with CDDB, the filesharing networks, and all of that.Of course, there's the question of where the funds do come from for ourreconstruction. I have three solutions...

  • Individuals who believe strongly in information freedom just pocket the costs.
  • A general tax on the net that subsidizes or pays for bandwidth and/or systems.
  • Donations (complements the first two plans)

The first works. The open source community is based on it. I'm am example.I lease a virtual server, and have content on it, and the funds for itcome out of my pocket. I can provide email and webhosting to anyone Ichoose to. The third is always welcome :)

As for the second, RMS is an advocate of the idea, or at least a closerelative of it in the music sphere. Depending on how it's implemented, Imight like the idea.

I have a lot of emails that I still need to respond to. I need to do that.

Oh, this is weird:Tongue Transplant

Tags: dreams, friends, philosophy

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