Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Balanced Heart

I've been becoming interested in someone for the last week or so.However, in addition to that interest, I've also grown a dislike ofsomeone else, based partly on information provided by the first person,and partly from my observations. An observation -- I think that hateis more 'pure' than love, and for that reason, it's easier to loseoneself to hate than love. Of course, I don't think that hate isintrinsically worse than love, or vice versa -- it's all about lovingand hating the right people. Instead, it's what one does with one'shate that decides on the big ramifications. However, when it comesto things that make one fulfilled as a person, and contribute to asustainable 'good life', I think that love beats hate hands down. Handsdown .. I wonder .. could that be a reference to blackjack, suggesting thatregardless of what the invisible card is, love (or whatever positionalA is)will result in a winning hand?

To continue the first thread, I had a dream last night where the personI'm beginning to dislike was talking to me, saying what a good friend Iwas to them. Stunned, all I could do was nod dumbly, trying to minimizethe content of the comment without overturning it. I think it was metrying to say that I sometimes can be too nonassertive on what I think aboutpeople.

(section not shown)

Anyhow, last night, I got home, and was tired, so didn't get anycomputer stuff done. Phooey -- I really wanted to be using POUND by now, orat least have it ready to replace netdiary.

I appear to be having serious philosophical inner conversations aboutthe nature of Capitalism..

I also keep having something to write into this, and then forgetting it bythe time I connect back home to edit it in. Bleh.

I've been pretty bad with responding to email. I *need* to get to it soon.Argh.

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