Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Wind-Induced Tears

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There's some stupid site called that's been mailingme, trying to convince me to pay for access to 'reports' generated aboutme, and people searching on them. Yeah, right. If there are real reportsthere, and it's not some stupid scam to get people using their service,in order to generate real reports, they probably don't provide half theinformation on my website. I eat my own dogfood (an expression) -- I liveas open and honest a life as I can manage (the duty of a philosopher).

So, I've been thinking about something, for purely theoretical/curiosityreasons. Virii/Worms on Linux. How? I'll probably write a little paper on itlater, so keep your eyes peeled.

Oh, the title. Every morning when I head to work on bike, the 'wind'made by my movement causes my right eye to produce some tears. Neverthe left.

I'll be switching over to POUND soon, probably this weekend. It's notquite ready for primetime, but it's close enough. Last night, at CoffeeTree, I was chewing on an aspect of the design that I haven't implementedyet -- should comments still be in a seperate table? They do share mostelements in common with entries, and it would probably make backupseasier. I decided against merging the tables -- there are differences,and the constraints (none of which I've done yet) would be easier tomanage if they're in seperate tables. Also, the entry table will bequeried in full a lot more often than the comment table, and merging themwould decrease database performance, I think. Comments shouldn't havetopics. And so on. However, it's tempting to merge, and I may revisit thisdecision later on. If I do, I could probably make comments into a view,and write triggers to 'do the right thing' on inserts/updates/etcinto that view.

My office desk is slowly, the way the desk is laid out, beginning to resemblea strange temple.

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