Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Frozen Tongue

Hmm. Tongue. Weird word. Anyhow, so I went on a date with someone. Itdidn't go well. Partly, it was talk on a particular area in politics,where I'm a moderate and she's way way off to one side in a way that whenaverage people hear what she has to say, they (want to) run screaming inhorror, and partly it was that she previously said she was an atheist, butappears to actually believe in a god. The last part isn't completely adealbreaker, but the fact that I found out when we were talking politicswith another pair of people, and that it was a 180 from what she said before,turned a problem into an impossibility. It also didn't help that she calledsome of my friends, who disagreed with her on that political issue, idiots.She's still an interesting person, and I'm hoping a friendship is possible,but it was pretty clear to me that we're incompatible. Oh well. At least Igot to play with Eric today.

Tags: love

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