Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Visions, Analogies

I was at Coffee Tree, and as I was leaving, I saw a spider threadfrom far above pass down to the ground. I gently reached out, touched it,pulled it towards me, and released it. It didn't break, and I didn't feel it,but I saw it move. I tilted my head, and looked at all of its length I couldsee. It was only the weird lights there that let me see it at all. I wondered, if any of the other coffeeshop people had seem me staring atapparently nothing, and touching it, what they would've thought.

Political philosophy is a curiosity, I think. Nietzsche was right to shyfrom statements on it -- the proper unit of philosophy, or at least themost interesting, is the person. The masses will never understand themost relevant question -- how can one person live a good life. Very few ofus have the opportunity to shape society much. However, we have a lot ofability to shape our own lives and those of people immediately around us.To step free of the chains that bind us, to decide that externally imposedvalues and rules don't mean as much anymore to us, and to wear our ownlife like our own clothes, that is how we should live. To look deeply intoourselves, and into others, and see things that are obvious to everyone wholooks, that noone sees because they arn't looking, that's our lot. We seeour faults, and correct them, or correct for them, but don't brood over them.We shrug off pain and guilt, correcting anything we want for next time, andlet go of everything else. We live life as openly and honestly as we can.We don't see ourselves as victims, and enjoy all sides of life. We avoidfoolish sentiment, and love our sadness and happiness. We are whole people,acknowledge all sides to ourselves, regardless of what society thinks, anddecide which parts we celebrate, and which we surpress. We mince no words.We think before we talk, and dissect rhetoric before we respond to it. We aredecisive, fair, and willing to change our minds when the situation merits.That is to live the good life.

To follow in front -- to drive in front of someone, and use their turn signalsto make the same turns they make, before they do.

Paul went into his study, pulled a book from his desk, and, sipping on histea, read for a few hours. In time, the light grew dark, and at last he foldedhis book and left.

It was a joyous day on the island -- the face of the spirit had appeared in thesmoke, and as tradition dictated, they kept the fires lit until it departed.The elders watched the impassive face slowly move its eyes to and fro, lookingfor divine wisdom.

I seem to have Firewater's song Secret stuck in my head. It's like atheme song. It's a perfect song for a funeral.

And everybody comes, and everybody goesWhen your number comes up nobody ever really knows...Meanwhile everybody laughs, everybody lies, everybody lives, everybody triesJust to make it through another day

Ever had a thought in your mind to music that's like a weird music video?Hmm.... wicca... dark days indeed ...

Today, after work, I went with R to a music concert at Club Laga. The secondband was really really good. It brought back memories of Outland. I wish Iwere in Columbus again for a weekend. Hmm. No need to wish, I can do it!But.. there is something nobler about the wish ... well, maybe.I want to drive around a bit more on weekends. Maybe I'll drive to Philor something soon.

Friendster's getting slow. *sigh*

Oh, yes, I forgot -- I finished a really good book loaned to me bya friend. The title is "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay".It's very entertaining.

Anyhow, I'll be slowly improving my blog over the next few weeks. Featureswill just be there one day. I probably won't announce stuff. *shrug*

Here's a link to my Amazon Wishlist. I'm notsuggesting anyone buy me stuff (although that's welcome), but you can use itto see the kind of stuff I find interesting. Maybe you'll find it interestingtoo.

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