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I stayed up way too late last night tinkering with making a RSS 1.0feed for my blog. My only tool was an online validator -- I haven't yetseen a tool that I like that does what I want. Here's what I'd love tosee... a program, written in Perl, using the Tk toolkit, that takesa list of URLs in its configfile, grabs the feed when it starts up, andparses it nicely for display in a window. Maybe it might embed some HTMLengine to parse the HTML part of the message. Hmm.. but at leastFreshmeat knows nothing of sucha tool. Maybe I need to hunt around a bit more. Anyhow, it now passes thevalidator, so I guess it probably works. I'm going to ask some of thefolk that have been asking me about it to test it before I publish theURL. I guess I'll start thinking about logins and comments next.

I've been thinking -- there's enough duplicated code in the various CGIsthat I should try to implement more of the application as stored procedures.Postgres supports stored procedures written in Perl, and it sucks to becopying procedures between so many scripts. Alternatively, I should rewritethe scripts to use OO Perl modules.

Oh, yes, if any of you want to start using my blog software, can installcgis, and have a postgres account, I'd be happy to help you get it installedand running at this point.

I recently found that an ISP that I've been using for ages, APKNet, wasbought up. Worse, the new owner has one of those faddish dot-com names --e-xpedient. Gah. I hope they don't change my email address -- that's theonly reason I've kept the APKNet account since high school. Well, that andit's occasionally useful to have a spare ssh-accessible shell running solaris.

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