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Yesterday I almost got run over. A van didn't turn its turn signal onuntil it was actually turning, and I was crossing the street on my bike,and I didn't have time to stop. Well, I applied the brakes, and my bike,being asked to stop while going at a speed too fast for that kindathing, rolled over forwards. I disentangled my feet fast enough thatinstead of going with the bike, I remained upright, falling to my feetwith the bike collapsing behind me in the road. It got another shot to knockme down when the rear tire of the bike hit the back of my legs, but Iremained standing. The car kept on going. In retrospect, I would've expectedto have been angry, but I was just stunned. After taking a second to regainmy balance and get my bike and backpack back together, I went on. If thecar had been going at a little greater speed, or my reflexes were a bit slower,I might've been hit by the car, or have collided with it.

Later that day, having read at the coffeeshop, I stopped by the grocery store,and got some supplies that I've been needing but hadn't bought because paydaywas yesterday. Yeah, I'm living from check to check right now. Stupid airlines.Anyhow, the new cat litter was considerably heavier than I thought it was.40 pounds. That, combined with two big jugs of grape juice and other supplies,made it impossible to ride my bike. So, I had a very slow walk home, balancingthe litter on the bike frame as I walked with it, one grape juce jug under myarm, and a stuffed backpack. I think it took me about half an hour.

Having gotten home, I found another thing to worry about, financially.

Wally was pretty happy to have the new litter though. Although, I forgot to gethim new food. I'll take care of that today, I think.

I've been making good progress on pound. You might notice that topics are nowlinked to their entries. Backups are now complete -- they back up all thetables in the schema in sensible, nice ways, even the fields that presentlyarn't hooked up. Topics can have their own text and images too.

There are two parties coming up that I've been, more or less, invited to.The first is Sree's daughter's 3rd birthday, and it's being held atthe Sharpsburg Sree's. It seems kind of unusual to be going to a partyof someone I don't exactly know personally, but he is friendly, andso I might go after all. There's a second party being held by a friend
(section not shown)
And so, I don't think I'll be going to that party.

Finally, here's a snippet from a recent AIM conversation with a friend:(14:48:15) Improv: Is that a bunny?(14:48:46) R: yes, with a pancake on its head.(14:49:12) Improv: How profound.

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