Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Cloud Manufacturing

I just put some more time into POUND. It now supports viewing of comments.It also supports viewing of people, with all the comments they have. That'sall very well and good, but there's no way, apart from directly manipulatingthe database, to make comments yet. I wonder if I can get apache to handlethe authentication stuff for me. Oh, another thing I noticed -- with theway I'm handling the HTML generation, unless I want to let people essentiallywrite arbitrary HTML, from their profiles, into my generated pages (seeperlmonks for an example of that gone wrong), I'm going to need to finda decent way to block or escape dangerous HTML. I'm sure there are modulesout there on CPAN for this very thing -- I just need to research it.Alternatively, I could go find the sourcecode for slashdot, or some other sitethat does this well, and snag the relevant bits. Oh well -- at leasteverything but the authentication and user management is done. I might actuallyadd to pndc the ability to leave comments, just so I can start commentingon my stuff. OTOH, if I do that, I'd better write a utility to re-importthe backups pndc can extract now. My goal is to go back through each andevery entry, and leave any comments I want to leave before anyone else getsa chance.

Oh, a funny idea -- maybe I'll write a mail interface to my software too.That might be amusing.

An irritant: payday so happened that I wasn't able to mail my rent so it'dget there by the time it's due. I might actually drive back out totimbuktu today or tomorrow just to deliver a check. Bleh.

I still haven't unpacked everything from the ORA conference yet.I'm not sure why.

A strange thing that strikes me: How some bands have songs that aresequels to other songs they've written, often many years before.

Well, time for me to go have fun with friends. Yay.

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