Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Strange Winds of Night

It's almost 3AM. I'm about to head out to my landlord's dental officeto drop off a check to avoid a late fee. I can't believe I'm doing this.Why didn't I go out earlier? I've been talking with people. Today's beena good day for talking. I met up with someone who I almost ended up dating,quite a long time ago, and we talked philosophy for 3 1/2 hours. It waslively discussion. Then I got back home, and ran into someone online fromBrecksville who has been out of touch for ages, and chatted with her forawhile. Then I ran into Lundy on AIM, a roomate from my Ohio State days(the good roomate). I chatted with him, Melissa, and Jeff for several hours,then played on the pooter for awhile, and now it's now.

And that was then. I paused in the entrymaking to go run the errand :)It took very little time, as the traffic was absent. I noticed that thegiant hill I drive down on the way back (I take a different route therethan back) is both steeper and longer than Negley Hill. It might be funto try biking sometime. I've biked Negley a few times in the last fewmonths.. having a bike where the gears work helps a lot :) It's probablygoing up Forbes Hill almost daily that makes Negley possible for me.Anyhow, on the way back, I noticed that it's both really windy and reallyfoggy. That's a bizarre combination, creating odd visual effects. Heh. Funnythat I chose the title of the entry before I actually saw it. I had forgotten.

I'm not sure if I've jotted this observation in the journal yet... I thoughtof it some time ago.. I'm thinking that one way to judge music is to compare,side by side, the Weird Al parody or medley to the real thing. The relativegoodness can be really telling. Two musicians I've done this for..Avril Lavigne and Mathers, both of whom I happen to like. My conclusion, afterplaying Weird Al's parody of "Complicated" next to her version, is that she'sconsiderably better. When I compared the portion of his medley that includedMathers' "Real Slim Shady" to the real thing though, I was surprised to findthat I liked Weird Al's better. I thus conclude that, while I like bothof them, Avril is a better musician than Mathers. Of course, there's room forvariation -- maybe Weird Al was just weak on his Complicated parody. *shrug*

I'm really looking forward to classes starting soon. I need to get the paperworkin for the tuition soon.. tomorrow, if I remember.

I recently was called an anti-semite by someone. This is, however, by someonewho hopes to join the Israeli army in order to "kill some arabs", and hopesthat the current period of relative peace and progress towards it will endsoon. It's stretching the limits of my tolerance for racism to maintaingood relations with them, but I think that they're a good person, and thatthere's a lot of good stuff in there to salvage, if I can just get thetime to work through their (very complicated) personality.

I wish I knew the russian language. Like German, it's a language in which alot of great literature is written, there's a good selection of neat music,and people who speak it natively have really really cool accents in English.British accents, at least some of them, can be cool, but a good German orRussian accent beats them anyday :)

On that topic, .. nevermind :)

And finally, for tonight, Gandi isn't doing my secondary DNS right. It'smissing most of the entries. I'm not happy, so I wrote them a mail. I hopethey'll get it fixed soon. Grr. Until they do, depending on how your ISPdoes DNS cacheing, or what round-robin nameserver you hit, this blog,my gallery, and similar might not be available to you. *sigh*

Tags: friends, music, philosophy

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